Pick n Mix

August 14, 2014 Links 0 Comments

A short roundup of some interesting stuff that’s caught our eye recently – from digital transformation, to storytelling secrets for charities, by way of some brain food.

Digital and tech
The world is in Beta
Digital transformation thoughts from PWS

US Digital Services Playbook
Key “plays” drawn from successful best practices from the private sector and government

Third sector insights
Five steps to running a promoted tweet campaign
Great insight from Dignity in Dying’s recent campaign

The storytelling secrets charities can learn from Gandalf
Thoughts on good content and storytelling from the Guardian voluntary sector blog

Business & innovation
Great idea spotting network

What happens if you woke up two hours earlier for a week?
You’d get a lot more done, right?

Brain food
Cog Lode
Brain gems for decision-makers

Social distribution
Bypassing traditional distribution networks